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Everything here is 100% absolutely Free
If you would like a free DVD of all our files and photographs, please e-mail me your name and mailing address. These DVDs include several file formats (listed below). Primary software format is FTM (Family Tree Maker). We believe genealogy should always be free, so we request that information obtained from us and passed on to others be unchanged ( sources should never be changed) and never charged for. All of our information is from our own research or the generousity of others. Anyone caught charging for information obtained from us will be immediately cut out of the information loop.

On this site you will find genealogical information concerning both sides of our family. Surnames associated with the Terrills and Perry's. In order to save you time, we will try to keep all downloadable files and photographs on as few pages as possible. Please e-mail any documentable changes, corrections or additions to We use FamilyTreemaker version 16 as our primary data base. This allows us to convert many of our files to .ged, pdf, and .doc formats. We will try to make all accessable and downloadable files .pdf format and all photographs .jpg format. Please enjoy and let us know if there are any improvements we can make.
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